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FlexCycler2 PCR

The FlexCycler2 is a modern thermal cycler with large graphical display and exceptional design. The instrument offers state-of-the-art heating and cooling rates in combination with high control accuracy. In combination with the user friendly software concept and extensive software options the FlexCycler2 is the perfect system for PCR applications. Quick-X-Change block exchange system Automatic block recognition 96 well and 48 well twin-block optionally with gradient function Twin-blocks independently controllable

qTOWER | Quantitative real-time rapid PCR

Now, in addition to the qTOWER for rapid qPCR, the product family includes the standard real-time thermal cycler qTOWER 2.0. Featuring a striking, modern design, this system allows quantitative PCR in an established 96 well SBS standard format. The qTOWER 2.0 offers an open platform for any kind of real-time PCR plastic materials, such as 0.2 ml single tubes, 8 well strips or 96 well microplates. The high quality silver block of the qTOWER 2.0 ensures an outstanding level of temperature homogeneity of 0.2 °C along the whole block and is therefore ideally suited for all real-time PCR applications

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InnuPure® C96 | Fast and efficient high-throughput nucleic acid extraction

• Fully automated nucleic acid extraction based on proven magnetic particle separation
• Preparation of up to 96 samples in parallel
• Preprogrammed extraction protocols for optimal reproducibility
• Adjustable elution volumes
• Reagent plasticware filled up automatically with all necessary solutions

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ScanDrop® | Nano-volume spectrophotometer

New generation of spectrophotometer
The ScanDrop® combines easy measurement of microliter volumes down to 0.3 μl with a standard measuring position for 10 mm cuvettes. This feature results in an exceptionally versatile instrument for routine work. The modular system is available as a single instrument for small sample volumes, as a standard 10 mm position instrument or as a combination of both.

* Combination of two generations of spectrophotometer
* Measurement of microliter volumes down to 0.3 μl
* 16 channels per CHIPCUVETTE® with fully automated measuring of up to 32 positions at path lengths of 0.1 or 1.0 mm
* Automated sample positioning (CHIPCUVETTE®) * High-precision optics with aberration-corrected grating.

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BIAffinity ® | Label-free analysis of molecular interactions

The BIAffinity®

Biomolecular recognition is the most important event in the biochemical pathways of living systems. What holds true for gene expression and signal transduction by hormones or neurotransmitters is also true of enzyme reactions and the immune response through antigen antibody interactions: all of these processes are preceded by the specific binding of a ligand to a biological receptor.

* Label-free detection of molecular interactions
* Real-time analysis
* Biochip technology

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HPLC 8100 High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Liquid chromatograph LC 5000 is a complex HPLC system consists of independent modules. Each of these modules can also be used separately. Communication between modules and communication with control PC (with CHROMuLAN software) is simply done by RS485 communication. When using a control computer, LC 5000 can be operated as a fully automatic device.


The atomic absorption spectrophotometer is an inorganic analysis instrument. It can be widely used in the quantitative analysis of the microelements and trace elements in the metallurgical, geologic, oil, chemical, medicine and health, industrial, farming and forestry, commodity inspection and environmental protection fields, etc. It can determine more than 70 elements.

Perfection in imaging technology

PXi and PXi Touch are new high resolution, multi-application image analysis systems. The new design is compact, easy to use and offers full automation in the capture of chemiluminescent and fluorescent blots, visible gels and blots and even 2D gels.


20 liters. The immersion circulator bridge can easily remove for easy cleaning of the tank.
Features: Ideal for Biotechnology, Clinical, Environmental, Medical, Petroleum, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical or Industrial Applications.